The management at the New Taipei City Exhibition Hall business culture that is progressive, synergistic and confident, with fresh ideas and flexibility, empowering staff to participate in developing new directions to satisfy clients and achieve business success. The Center's success is based on sustainable superior competitive performance, resulting in strong financial returns while facilitating the ideals of good corporate citizenship and community involvement.

New Taipei City Exhibition Hall is a world-class purpose built venue renowned for its operational and service excellence. The Center is located in New Taipei Industrial Park at New Taipei City. New Taipei City Exhibition Hall (NTCTC) is owned by New Taipei City government and proudly managed by local management specialists, Jhan-Sheng Co., Ltd which combined the owners of well-achievement manufactures from the industrial park.

Our mission is to become a leading entertainment, conference and event venue in Taiwan. With the elegant gray-white appearance shows the new concept of the e-generation; the advanced equipment and service which provide an excellent and comfortable exhibition space. We also believe community and social values are mainstream values and are fundamental to our core business principles. We have made a strategic commitment to build a sustainable future for our clients, our staff and our community.