The regulations of lending New Taipei City Exhibition Hall conference room

1. The wall and floor of the room are made of marble, so gummed tapes and nails to the wall are forbidden. If there is
    something needed to be hung, please plaster after assuring there is the adhesive tape on the wall. Please ask the
    undertaker for more questions in advance to avoid thedestruction of the room.
2. The decoration time is one hour before the appointment time. If more time is needed, lenders should pay the
    surplus fee. If there is other special need, please contact with the undertaker.
3. The exhibits are forbidden to drag on the floor directly, please use the flatbed or other instrument.
4. No eating and drinking in the room, the violators will be fined for cleaning and washing the carpet NT$1000 to
    NT$3000 according to the case.
5. If the exhibits require other electricity using and loading restriction, please contact with the undertaker in advance.