New Taipei City Exhibition Hall has a newfangled-equipped conference room, besides the most excellent exhibition space in Taiwan. The conference room is 3348 square feet can accommodate 300 people, further more; it can divide
into 2 spaces with 1674 square feet accommodating 150 people. There are varieties of choices and varieties of using. Welcome to lend.


Equipment and service provided by New Taipei City Exhibition Hall

1. VHS/VCD/DVD (it need to be tested in advance)
2. The overhead projector and the automatic screen( The notebook is provided by oneself)
3. We provide simple direction board and making instructions
4. The whole room will be provided 4 wireless microphones and 10 pieces
    of free parking tickets: the half will be proved 2 wireless microphones and 5 pieces of free parking tickets.
5. We have the caterings and snacks order assistance.
6. The favored parking fee of the conference room visitors:
    (1) The parking fee of visitors for single period is charged by the times.Every single time is NT$50.
    (2) The parking fee of visitors for two or more periods is charged by the times. Every single time is NT.100.