Parking lot:There are 424 parking spaces, 5 large parking spaces and 115 motorcycle parking spaces in the 2 floors of the basement.
Office time of the parking lot:From 8am to 10pm amount 14 hours everyday.
If there is an exhibition, the office time will extend half hour earlier and later.

1. NT$3000 per month for each fixed parking space.
2. NT$30 / hour for the temporary and on business visitors. Under an hour will be charged NT$15.
   (exclude the first hour).
3. The visitors with the disability parking proof could bring the related documents to the counter at 3rd.floor to get 4
    hours free parking and over 4 hours will charge in 50%.

The manage rules:
1. The visitors driving should take the ticket by themselves and pay to the automatic payment machine when they
2. If visitors lose the tickets, the charge will be counted from 8am.
3. When the cars enter or exit the parking lot, drivers should turn on the headlight, lower the speed to 10km per hour
   and along with the directions.
4. When the vehicles to carry cargo enter the drive way, drivers should pay attention to the restrictions of height (1.9m)
   and weight. Drivers will take the responsibility if there is any destroy of the parking lot equipment.

Responsibility instruction: The parking lot only provides the vehicles to place, we do not take the
responsibility to the vehicles, vehicle parts and the goods inside.